Sebastian Guillén Barcos was born in Pamplona September 4 of 1979.

SIABAZZ, authentic in love with music in the beginning drank and sucked the PUNK and the pimp guitar, and that for these things that life has, one day he fully expanded his musical spectrum to hit squarely with electronic music in the face, and that made him open his mind to an infinite fusion where almost everything fits for him, and this is reflected in his productions and his sessions.

Lover of many machines with which he likes to “play” to compose, and passionate about the vinyl of all life

Restless artist, electric, with a point of madness in the cabin that gives him away and it infects us, SIABAZZ navigates between an amalgam of sounds DEEP, TECHNO, NEW DISCO, HOUSE, ELECTRO but he does not type in any of them, he likes to go free