As head of one of the promoters with more projection of the moment, noisy events and partner of the International Festival of Cambrils, Festival sunfec, schädel Boosts continuously the electronic scene in our country, in order to fill the calendar with events from a Level of both national and international.

And among other international festivals, already they have been called upon: The end of the World festival (Tarragona)

2013/2014/2015 Xofars (Tarragona) 2013/2014

Sunfec (Cambrils) 2014/2015/2016

Itinerant Festival 2012/2013/2014/2015 / 2016

Lovin ‘Ibiza (city) 2015

In less than a year since it started its new Project As schädel a shared cabin with stars from around the world as: UNER, UTO KAREM, fernada MARTINS, MARC Marzenit, FATIMA HACHI, DAVID MONLEON, Alexander Kowalski, HORACIO CRUZ, FRANCESCO FARFA ROBERT lamart, KEN Isi, DAVE the Drummer, MIKI CRAVEN, candy COX, DJ MURPHY, Paula CAZENAVE, Pelacha and many more!

Schädel, it is dedicated Completely Now Production, where the 2014 EP

Saco do primer to seal fight for his successful theme Dyplo In 2016 schädel jumps in his career and enters one of the agencies with more projection of a national and international level with hiwit reserves Where With Extensive Experience do in the sector, schädel can show your talent in theaters and clubs in Spain and Europe.