Iván Morales

Booking Request Form Soundcloud Mixcloud Headphones Ivan Garcia, Ribaforada (Navarra, Spain), 1995, with artistic name Ivox Garcia, is an artist in constant evolution. With several years in the art of

Bleur & MB1

Booking Request Form Music Producer | DJ A series of parties under the ‘No Love’ name hosting guests such as Mickael Klein,Layton Giordani,Anna V., George Adi, Paul Anthonee, Symmetric and


Booking Request Form Facebook Youtube Soundcloud Envelope KILLAGROOVE is a musical project which was created in Torino (Italy) in 2011 by Alessandro Matta and Diego Trigilia.Their productions are based on

Dark 307

Booking Request Form Carlos Nieto Garcia, was born in 1994. Is a DJ and producer from Barcelona.  All his life has been dedicated to music , especially vinyl .  After


Juliana Yamasaki

Booking Request Form Juliana Yamasaki started DJing in 2004: what began as a fun way to spend time turned into something serious, and by 2006, she founded “Descontrol Techno” and


Horacio Cruz

Booking Request Form Horacio Cruz started his career into the musical industry at a very early age, playing drums in many rock bands until he discovered electronic music. In 1997

Alex Costa

Booking Request Form Born in 1979 and known for his unique sound and distinctive works, Italian Artist, Alex Costa has become a regular on top charts and producers set lists



Booking Request Form Born and raised in the illustrious Romanian underground scene, Alex isthe man behind the buttons.Between running his own imprint and stamping his already infamous A++signature ontoa highly


Tony Verdi

Booking Request Form DJ and producer, recognized as one of the main precursors of the Catalan electronic scene since 1986. He began his career as a resident DJ of the



Booking Request Form Sebastian Guillén Barcos was born in Pamplona September 4 of 1979. SIABAZZ, authentic in love with music in the beginning drank and sucked the PUNK and the